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DEUTZ-FAHR tractors are the epitome of technological research incorporated into pioneering products – machines that anticipate trends in modern farming and are adaptable to all kinds of operating conditions, in the name of total quality.

DEUTZ-FAHR has always been at the forefront of the development of high quality tractors. What counts is the complete product package and not just individual technical characteristics. Farmers want practical solutions which enable them to achieve profits with the lowest possible operating costs.


Deutz Warrior

The Deutz Warrior series brings you the ultimate tractor with unique individual styling and design, paired with the latest in performance and driver comfort.

Key inclusions to this range include that latest Deutz Engines (with no AdBlue or DPF), as well as your choice of RC-Shift or TTV transmissions.

All this is finished off with the very latest MaxiVision cabin, ensuring your comfort and convenience is always a priority.

We all know that a tractor is a key business tool and any key business purchase is never taken lightly, that’s why the Warrior Series is so much more than your ordinary tractor.

It’s the complete business solution, allowing you to focus on maximising ROI with controlled costings over three years.

With a 3 Year Warranty (or 2,500 hours) and a Capped Price Service solution to match, as well as an introductory 0% Finance Package (over three years) – the Warrior Series keeps you in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing your finances.

4E Series

If versatility is a priority and you're looking for a tractor with a low weight to power ratio, the new 4E Series is the perfect answer for you, whatever the task.


The AGROFARM 100 tractors are designed to meet the multi-purpose tractor requirements within the 100 horsepower sector.

The new AGROFARM series has an excellent power to weight ratio with a mechanical-governed, real horsepower fuel efficient engine.

5G Series
102 hp

With the 5G Series, DEUTZ-FAHR now offers a range of tractors with unrivalled efficiency.

The 5G Series has been developed to offer a tractor range that will suit any working conditions. Modern, stylish machines, designed to give maximum working versatility, with flexible specification options to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding customers. In addition, its unique features enables the 5G Series to guarantee an unrivalled level of safety under any work conditions.

126 hp

The all new 5125G Heavy Duty Series - The All Rounder from Deutz-Fahr

For efficient work with tractors, working, driving and operating comfort is as important as versatility.
Agriculture should it be, feed cultivation, livestock, viticulture, horticulture or municipal uses – the range of applications is getting bigger and bigger while working days are getting lon­ger and longer.

6 series
126-136 hp

The 6 Series 4 cylinder range provides the best technology mix in its class. DEUTZ-FAHR has expanded its series offering two models with the 6130(130hp) and 6140 (136hp), each of which are available with TTV or PowerShift transmissions.

6165 TTV maxivision
156 hp

The new 6 & 7 TTV Agrotron is equipped with a completely redesigned engine in terms of performances and cost-effectiveness. The new Deutz 6.1 non Adblue and DPF engine is more responsive, offers higher reserve torque and has a higher torque at lower rpms. At the same time, consumption of fuel has been reduced by 5 %, compared to the previous generation.

Powervision series
163-203 hp

With a choice of six new models with power outputs from 141 to 203 HP, the new DEUTZ-FAHR 6G Series responds to the needs of customers who demand a tractor that not only delivers superlative productivity but is offers inexpensive to run, easy to use and boasts simplified maintenance.

agrotron 6
maxivision series
171-226 hp

DEUTZ-FAHR has developed the new 6 Series with various models ranging from 156 to 226 HP, two wheelbases, three transmission variants, two cabin types with different comfort levels and various other feature options so you can put together the best technology mix to suit your farming needs.

6 series
171-226 hp

With five models ranging from 171 to 226 HP, different wheelbases, six cylinder engines, two transmission options and countless additional configuration options, you can customise the best technology mix in this tractor class to suit your needs.

6 | 7 TTV maxivision
188-246 hp

The new 6 & 7 TTV Agrotron delivers up to 246 HP and a range of trademark German characteristics: high quality, high precision and reliability combined with cutting-edge technology for cost-effectiveness and comfort.

7 series TTV
246 hp

Deutz-Fahr have developed the 7250 TTV Warrior with a 246 HP engine featuring the typical German characteristics of quality, precision and reliability. These are advanced when it comes to both ecology and economy.

9 TTV series
336 hp

With the 9 Series, DEUTZ-FAHR has developed an ultra-modern, highly intelligent, high-horsepower tractor, which increases the operating efficiency using innovative technologies while consuming minimal resources.

9 TTV series
336 hp

With the 9 Series Warrior, the Deutz-Fahr engineers have developed a modern, highly intelligent large tractor. It facilitates and accelerates all tasks thanks to its unique operating convenience, automated routine functions and progressive technologies – and all that with the lowest conceivable use of resources.