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Pack-top seed drill

  • Large centralised seed hopper, compact design, high work rates, and short set up times
  • Optimised seed distribution
  • Accurate seed placement through RoTec coulters
  • Comfort terminal for easier calibration
  • Low noise hydraulic blower fan

Trailed sowing combination

  • Working widths from 3 m to 6 m
  • Large hopper volumes up to 4000 L
  • Two different sowing coulters: RoTec pro single disc or TwinTec+ double disc coulter
  • Matrix tyres for perfect reconsolidation
  • Filling auger for simple filling of the hopper

Tine seed drill

  • Easy pulling thanks to the narrow TineTec coulters
  • Good trash clearance due to the 36 rows with 6 m working width
  • ISOBUS technology
  • Precise electronic monitoring
  • Strip wise reconsolidation thanks to the wedge ring roller

Precision air seeder

The AMAZONE ED precision air seeder exhibits precise seed placement and the very accurate singling system. When equipped with the appropriate singling disc, it can be matched to almost any seed type.

  • Working widths from 3m to 6 m
  • Large 60 L seed hoppers
  • Electric drive for the feriliser for precise metering
  • Hydraulic drive for the seed metering
  • GPS switch technology for individual row shut off

Air seeder and drill combination

The legendary precise seed and fertiliser placement that has made SEED HAWK famous is now available for farming operations of all sizes in the SEED HAWK 30 series, which was developed to fit smaller acreage farms and restricted transport requirements.

  • Väderstad's electric FENIX II metering unit
  • Available with 10 or 12 inch row spacing
  • Two compartment on-board tank delivers seed and fertiliser to the openers
  • Floating drawbar provides accurate depth control
  • Low horsepower requirements - starting from 120 hp

SEED HAWK 45X and xl

Combining efficiency and industry-leading precision opener assemblies, the SEED HAWK 45X and XL toolbars are top of their class.

  • Sectional Control Technology to increase the precision of your seeding operation and reduce doubling up of inputs on seeded ground
  • Industry-leading opener assemblies operate independently for superior shallow seeding, depth, accuracy and optimal fertiliser placement
  • Quick, uniform germination, even packing and consistent performance in all soil conditions
  • Narrow, carbide-tipped seed knife for extended life, and stable seed shelf
  • The fertiliser knife has double the carbide surface area (4 inch), extending its life and giving a straighter penetration angle to reduce soil throw



  • Thick, high tensile steel frame with five sections, featuring a symmetrical design to reduce flexing, improve strength and make seed placement more precise.
  • The 45X Series Air Drill has a narrow folded width and low profile, so it goes where wider transport units can't
  • Wider spread with seven sections, using triangulation to provide load sharing across the width of the toolbar frame
  • Built strong enough to be 84 ft wide and tough enough to pull a 980 bushel air cart behind it

SEED HAWK 500/600
Air cart

Get blended fertiliser or granular innoculants on the go, precisely where you need it in the seed row. The well proven stainless steel metering units on the Loup Air carts are versatile and simple to operate with SEED HAWK'S innovative tank configurations.

  • Advanced, efficient metering and seed distribution
  • Long-lasting, durable, stainless steel meters
  • Three tanks allowing you to mix and match product flow to fit your needs
  • Infinitely adjustable hydraulic drives allow quick meter roller change
  • Ideal for mid-sized farms - combines the latest in technological advancements with equipment sized to fit your need

Air cart

The state-of-the-art iCon metering and wireless control system brings seeding technology to a new level. The robust electric drive for each meter roller enables precise Sectional Control© Technology (SCT©) for every 10 ft of the seeder. Whether blending on the go or using variable rates, combining new tank sizes with SCT© increases the flexibility and efficiency of your one-pass seeding operation.

  • Fenix III Seed Meter provides consistent flow of all products with its itegrated, seamless design
  • Meter a wide range of seed and products with a variety of rollers
  • Wireless blockage system monitors flow and immediately relays quick, accurate blockage notification
  • Tow-behind or tow-between configuration
  • Load cells display real-time bin content weights


The Duncan MK4 Renovator builds on the success of its predecessors – featuring closer row spacing with 125mm and 150mm options; improved seed/fertiliser boxes to accommodate 500kg capacity, innovative design simplifying setup and maintenance and superior trash flow enabling use in a variety of conditions.

  • Either 5 or 6 inch row spacing
  • 25mm coil tine and Duncan 'T' boot with tungsten tile on leading edge
  • Weather skirts to cover seeder units
  • Large loading platform with safety rails
  • Weigh kit with electronic scales
  • Electronic hectare meter


As air system versions of the Renovator MK4, the Renovator AS3000 and AS3500 have seed and fertiliser delivery by air for improved seed placement accuracy particularly on hills.

  • Large capacity bins for both seed and fertiliser
  • Large loading platform that can be installed on either side of the machine
  • Superior trash flow
  • Butterfly valve for controlling different air rates between bins
  • Complete with weigh kit containing scales
  • Electronic hectare meter


The Renovator AS5300 / AS6100 is a true direct drill that can under sow, over sow and sow into worked ground. Perfect for large-scale farmers and contractors, the AS5300 / AS6100 is easy-to-set-up and operate, and the folding frame ensures it is wide at work and narrow to transport.

  • Large capacity bins for both seed and fertiliser - split 1000L / 1000L
  • 25mm coil tine and Duncan ‘T’ boot with tungsten tile on leading edge
  • Sowing width options 5.3m or 6.1m
  • Transport width of 3.1 metres
  • Downward pressure on folding wings is hydraulically controlled
  • Accord style seed/fertiliser metering with a variation of sowing rates at the touch of a button
  • Electric drive and radar
  • Long drawbar with swivel tow eye


The Enviro DD30 has a double disc setup with a unique leading scalloped disc which leads a plain disc to open up the seeding slot and give good ground penetration. This machine will handle trash and deliver seed evenly on all terrain. An extensive list of options including press wheels make this a very versatile machine.

  • Unique scalloped disc leads a plain disc which opens up the seeding slot
  • Weigh kit & hectare meter
  • Large hopper
  • Ground wheel & jockey wheel drive system
  • Triple seal disc bearings


The Enviro DD45 has a double disc setup with a unique scalloped disc which leads a plain disc to open up the seeding slot. This machine will give excellent ground penetration and trash handling ability whilst delivering seed evenly on all terrain. An extensive list of options including press wheels make this a very versatile machine.

  • Unique scalloped disc creates tilth and leads the plain disc which opens up the slot
  • Full electric RDS drive system from ground following radar
  • In board, multi-function, rate controller
  • Large front and rear loading/access platforms with safety rails
  • Wide floatation transport wheels
  • 2 point hitch tow coupling
  • Hydraulic accumulator to control downward pressure on the wings
  • Easy sowing depth adjustment on the hydraulic rams
  • Bin level sensors in both bins to monitor material levels in both hoppers


KUHN pneumatic seed drills are the perfect combination for productivity and seed establishment quality.

The reliability of the pneumatic distribution ensures unmatched seeding precision whatever the working conditions. The variety of seeding units offered by KUHN allows meeting the expectations for all establishment method ranging from seeding on ploughed land to direct seeding. Discover KUHN seeding solutions that meets your needs!


Conventional or integrated, KUHN offers a wide range of mechanical seed drills.

Seeding is impeccable with regular crosswise seed distribution. The application rate is precise even on slopes owing to the helical grooves. These practical seed drills are easy to use for seeding all seed types worry-free.

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