Swayn McCabe Mahindra

Without exception, every Mahindra tractor is quality manufactured using the best processes and procedures. This dedication to quality has earned Mahindra The Deming Application Prize – the annual award presented to a company that has achieved distinctive performance improvements to the benefit of its customers.

What’s more Mahindra is the only tractor brand to have been awarded the coveted Japan Quality Medal for excellence in TQM from the Deming Prize Committee.

4025 2WD-4WD

With an overall weight of 2360 kgs in 4WD configuration, the Mahindra 4025 is one of the heaviest and most rugged tractors in its category.

The complete equipment package with a large capacity engine, heavy duty transmission, high lift capacity hydraulics and very robust cast iron chassis makes it perfect for everything, from basic chores around the farm to commercial landscaping.

mforce 100p

The Mahindra mFORCE 100P Premium Tractor combines great versatility with top-of-the-line performance.

It is built to last, with the strength to handle any load a farmer can throw at it. Packed with a range of features, the mFORCE has been designed with maximum power and efficiency in mind, combining perfectly with outstanding driveability.

4WD shuttle
60 hp

60 horsepower in a cabin tractor with air-conditioning and heating enables working all year round in all climate conditions.

The 6110 Shuttle Cab features Synchro-shuttle with 12 forward and 12 reverse speeds, and a 1600 kg hydraulic lift capacity on the linkage. New standard features on all 10 series cab models include ergonomic and spacious cabs with flat operator’s station for comfort. Standard features on the 6110 include one remote valve, tilt steering wheel and a suspension seat.

6075 2WD-4WD
75 hp

Step up to the Utility sized 6075 2WD/4WD tractor and start to enjoy the advantage that a bigger footprint provides.

Full Planetary reduction and big heavy construction make this 70 horsepower tractor great for those medium size properties that need regular maintenance and ground clearing.