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Top brands and a wide variety of options.

Mounted sprayer

The compact AMAZONE UF mounted sprayer is characterised by its strong, robust construction yet lightweight design that caters for a ide range of farm sizes.

  • Boom widths from 12 m to 30 m
  • Tank capacities from 900 to 1800 L
  • Outstanding boom suspension for an exceptional boom ride
  • Choice of Q-Plus, Super-S1 or Super-S2 booms
  • With the FT front tank, tank capacity can be increased to 2800 L - for even higher work rates

Self-propelled sprayer

The AMAZONE PANTERA 4502 self-propelled sprayer features a unique tandem chassis - for a smooth and horizontal boom ride and better stability on slopes.

  • Super-L2 sprayer boom widths from 21 m to 40 m
  • Tank capacity of 4500 L
  • intelligent chassis management with 2-wheel, 4-wheel and dog leg steering - for even more manoeuverability
  • Intuitive operation management with up-to-date operator terminals and AmaPilot + multi-function joystick
  • Superb cab ergonomics - for an improved view and even better driving enjoyment

trailed sprayer

Equipped with sprayer booms from 15 m to 40 m in a super-light, super-strong, and super-compact profile design, the UX models offer the highest levels of efficiency.

  • Super-S2 or Super-L2 sprayer booms in working widths from 15 m to 40 m
  • UX Special single pump models with working widths from 15 m to 30 m
  • UX Super tandem pumps models with working width from 18 m to 40 m
  • Capacity from 3200 L to 6200 L
  • Parrallelogram suspension of the multi-shock damped boom

US 11200
High capacity trailed sprayer

The AMAZONE 11200 trailed sprayer, with its enormous tank volume of 11,200 L, effortlessly manages the high pressures required to cover the acres, so is perfectly suited both for large fields and crops with particularly high application rates.

  • Super-L2 sprayer booms in working widths from 24 m to 40 m
  • Triple pump system, with a fill capacity of 900 L/min
  • Tank design with a balanced centre of gravity for optimised in-field and on-road traction
  • Hydro-pneumatic, tank fill level controlled axle suspension - for comfortable and safe travel on the road
  • Parrallelogram suspension of the multi-shock damped boom

SPRAY MORE. Efficiently

Improve your productivity with HARDI spraying know-how, large capacity tanks and wide booms!

Width without weight

At just half the weight of a steel boom equivalent, POMMIER aluminium booms are available from 24 to 48.5m wide.

Better coverage, less drift

With AutoTerrain and AutoHeight delivering a level of accuracy and uniformity to broad acre spraying, unlike anything before!

Holds the target rate

Through changing spraying speeds, during cornering and while auto boom section control systems are active at the same time. Powerful preemptive pressure-based application rate control with ONRATE and DynamicFluid4.

Multi function controller options

HC5500 easy-to-use controller for precise application regardless of speed. HC8500 and HC9500 touchscreen controllers or guidance, mapping, AutoSection, application rate, variable rate, tank content and Auto Terrain. HARDI combines these features on their sprayers so you can spray more effectively.

trailed sprayers

KUHN trailed sprayers provide a new idea of balance: a well equipped sprayer with aluminium booms, polyester tank and CAN BUS regulation for ease of use and optimum quality spraying. Their numerous equipment possibilities combined with the impeccable boom balance make it easier to use the sprayer.

mounted sprayers

KUHN mounted sprayers combine precision and ease of use while requiring little investment.

They can be fitted with steel or aluminium booms featuring manual or hydraulic folding.
Their polyethylene tanks of 600 to 1800L offer a high resistance thanks to their UV-absorbing protection.
These sprayers have a large range of equipment such as CAN BUS regulations that allow you to find the sprayer best adapted to your needs.

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