Croplands Compact Sprayer Catalogue


Mounted sprayer

The compact AMAZONE UF mounted sprayer is characterised by its strong, robust construction yet lightweight design that caters for a ide range of farm sizes.

Self-propelled sprayer

The AMAZONE PANTERA 4502 self-propelled sprayer features a unique tandem chassis - for a smooth and horizontal boom ride and better stability on slopes.

trailed sprayer

Equipped with sprayer booms from 15 m to 40 m in a super-light, super-strong, and super-compact profile design, the UX models offer the highest levels of efficiency.

US 11200
High capacity trailed sprayer

The AMAZONE 11200 trailed sprayer, with its enormous tank volume of 11,200 L, effortlessly manages the high pressures required to cover the acres, so is perfectly suited both for large fields and crops with particularly high application rates.

800L Agripak Linkage

  • Calibrated tank with clear volume markings
  • Rear mounted pump to protect from damage and allow PTO more overlap
  • Large lid with strainer
  • Translucent white UV-stabilised tank – see level at a glance
  • Easy access drain for complete clean out
  • Optional MAX 12 metre boom with self-leveller pictured
  • Quick-adjust boom slide mounts
  • Handwash tank standard for safety
  • Large fresh water flush tank standard for in-field clean out
  • Pictured with over-top support and hydraulic height adjuster fitted
  • Slide-out rear park legs for stability when parked with larger booms fitted
  • Venturi agitation standard – with on/off control tap on PRV control

1300 | 1600 Linkage

  • Calibrated and UV stabilised poly tank with sight tube and litres marked
  • Stabiliser legs fitted to the fame to keep unit safe from tipping when parked
  • Protected pump mounted beneath the tank for excellent suction and safety
  • Protected large suction filter with shut-off valve for easy cleaning
  • Large filling lid with strainer
  • Nozzles are protected on all booms toavoid damage
  • Stainless steel boom tubing with non-drip nozzle bodies
  • Easy access drain system for quick draining and clean out
  • Forklift points on bottom frame rails to assist with loading/unloading from a vehicle
  • Integrated 1,000mm hydraulic lift device
  • Integrated handwash tank standard
  • Integrated 170 litre flushing tank standard
    30 litre chemical mixer/induction unit standard
  • Clothing and glove locker
  • Folding access step for safety
  • 160 L/min pump standard
  • All Croplands booms fitted with AirMix® air-induction nozzles as standard

300L Trailed Sprayer

  • Translucent UV-stabilised tank with large sump and graduated markings
  • 12-volt models standard with NEW hose reel, with 10 metres of 10mm hose and spray lance
  • Large, easy access lid with filling strainer
    12-volt, 20 litre per minute (open-flow) pump to enable use with booms to 6 metres
  • Easy access suction filter and regulator for pressure and flow adjustment
  • Safety hitch for safe towing
  • Flotation tyres on sturdy axle
  • Rugged, one-piece chassis
  • Handy parking stand
  • On models with boom fitted: AirMix® air-induction low drift nozzles fitted standard
  • Fully protected non-drip nozzle bodies on stainless steel boom tubes
  • Spring loaded breakaways to protect boom arms from accidental impact damage

300L Traymount Sprayers

  • Heavy duty hot-dip galvanised frame with carry handles
  • UV-stabilised tank with level markings
  • Large filling lid with basket strainer
  • Large sump for total emptying and easy draining and clean out
  • Genuine Honda motor to power the reliable AR diaphragm pump
  • 12-volt remote rewind reel option for effortless spraying and high productivity (RSRL100RC models)
  • For weed spraying, sheep jetting, fire fighting, water carting and pest control

Pinto 3000


  • Generous 160 L/min diaphragm pump for plenty of volume for superior agitation and water rate flexibility
  • Hydraulic accumulator boom suspension for cushioned boom ride
  • Heavy duty epoxy-powder coated frame to increase chemical resistance and durability
  • Big single wheels (30”or 42”) fitted to heavy duty axle with less compaction and less crop damage
  • Height adjustable hitch and swivel eye drawbar to optimise weight distribution and balance

SPRAY MORE. Efficiently

Improve your productivity with HARDI spraying know-how, large capacity tanks and wide booms!

Width without weight

At just half the weight of a steel boom equivalent, POMMIER aluminium booms are available from 24 to 48.5m wide.

Better coverage, less drift

With AutoTerrain and AutoHeight delivering a level of accuracy and uniformity to broad acre spraying, unlike anything before!

Holds the target rate

Through changing spraying speeds, during cornering and while auto boom section control systems are active at the same time. Powerful preemptive pressure-based application rate control with ONRATE and DynamicFluid4.

Multi function controller options

HC5500 easy-to-use controller for precise application regardless of speed. HC8500 and HC9500 touchscreen controllers or guidance, mapping, AutoSection, application rate, variable rate, tank content and Auto Terrain. HARDI combines these features on their sprayers so you can spray more effectively.