Swayn McCabe McHale
McHale balers

640 non chopper variable round chamber baler
660 15 knife chopper variable round chamber baler

Built to last and developed on some of the world's most rugged terrain, the McHale range of round balers and round and square bale wrappers is known throughout the world for durability, reliability, innovation and value for money.


The McHale Fusion Vario is a fully integrated baler wrapper, which consists of a high output variable chamber baler with an integrated wrapping ring.

fusion 3

The McHale Fusion 3 Plus integrated baler wrapper consists of an 18 roller fixed chamber baler and an integrated vertical wrapping ring.


The McHale Orbital is high speed solution which delivers consistent and even overlap and achieves optimum levels of fodder preservation and quality.

MH 991

The McHale 991 high speed bale wrapper is a new model which can deliver 50% more output.