The company that started in 1913 with the production of straw binders has today become a world leader in the agricultural technology sector, propelling the CLAAS name to global renown.

Take a look at the products that have made CLAAS what is is today.

90 to 100 hp

If you're looking for a well built, simple to operate tractor with low maintenance, then the AXOS 300 is the tractor for you.

110 to 130 hp

Suitable for any job and any driver, the ARION 400 offers a wide range of applications in a compact form.

120 to 140 hp

If you're looking for a mid-range tractor that has all the features of a high hp tractor, then the new ARION 400 series, with 4 cylinder 4500cm3 FPT engine, is the tractor to suit your every need.

145 to 165 hp

The ARION 600C combines power, stability and ease of use into one dependable package.

145 to 205 hp

Efficiency and high performance now go hand in hand with the ARION 600 delivering full power at all engine speeds.

325 to 445 hp

A large tractor with a wealth of intelligent systems, its 4-point cabin suspension ensures a smooth ride all day long.

205 to 300 hp

The AXION 800 is an award-winning tractor for good reason - the spacious ergonomically designed cab - combined with 4-point cabin suspension ensures a smooth ride with excellent views.

435 to 530 hp

Extremely manoeuverable with excellent visibility, the XERION is the master of every job. Its state of the art steering, mobility and comfort outstrip anything ever seen before in this class.