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Mounted and trailed disc harrow

  • Linkage and trailed models from 2.5 m to 12 m working widths
  • Compact disc harrow for fast tillage and stubble incorporation
  • Rubber sprung discs follow ground contours and maintain accurate working depth
  • Maintenance-free disc bearings
  • Ten roller options to suit all requirements
AMAZONE CAYROS reversable plough

AMAZONE cayros
Mounted reversible plough

  • Easy pulling from two to six furrows for tractor capacities from 50 hp to 380 hp
  • Unique C plus hardening process guarantees a very hard and smooth surface on the board
  • Robust beam with thick walls without welding seams
  • Highly individual configuration to suit any demand
  • Mechanical or hydraulic width adjustment

trailed compact disc harrow

  • Working widths from 4 m to 7 m
  • Maintenance-free disc bearings with slide seals
  • Maintenance-free stone safety protection via rubber sprung buffer blocks
  • Hydraulic depth adjustment to suit driver comfort
  • 660 mm heavy duty discs

Mounted and trailed tine cultivator

  • Linkage models available from 3 m to 4 m working widths
  • Trailed models available from 4 m to 8 m working widths
  • Overload protection on the tip to 660 kg force
  • Wide range of shears to suit any application
  • Traction assistance for a maximum weight transfer up to 1500 kg back to tractor

Rotary harrow

The KE rotary harrow is superbly suited for soil tillage after the plough and mulch sowing on pre-cultivated soils.

  • KE Special for tractors up to 140 hp - robust, yet light design
  • KE Super for tractors up to 180 hp - for more demanding requirements
  • Long-Life-Drive optimised drive system ensures an extended operting life and ultimate smooth running
  • Ten rotors on 3 m working width means more room and robust drive components
  • Large clearance between the tines and above the rotor heads ensures the free passage of large amounts of straw or clods of soil

Rotary cultivator

The KG rotary cultivator incorporates all the design features of the KE rotary harrow but has an even thicker skinned trough, bigger diameter shafts and stronger tines.

  • High output KG Special with working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m, or 4 m for tractors up to 220 hp
  • Heavy-duty KG Super with working widths of 3 m, 3.5 m, or 4 m (folding capacity widths or 4 m, 5 m, and 6 m) and a new high capacity gearbox for tractor outputs of up to 300 hp
  • Equipped with the proven 'on-grip' tines to pull themselves into work and automatically maintain the desired working depth
  • In dry and firm fields the KG effortlessly breaks up the soil and simultaneously intenively incorporates the straw
  • Large clearance between the tines and above the rotor heads ensures the free passage of trash and soil mixture

Twin disc mounted centrifugal spreader

  • Accurate spread pattern with working widths from 10 m to 18 m
  • Compact hopper capacities from500 L to 1750 L
  • Hydraulic individual shutter for left and right
  • Disengage able agitator heads
  • Shear bolt protection for PTO shaft

Twin disc mounted centrifugal spreader

  • Working widths from 10 m to 36 m
  • Hopper volumes from 1000 L to 3000 L
  • Spreading system made completely from stainless steel
  • Perfect double shutter control system for rate setting and for opening and closing
  • Simple tool-less adjustments

Twin disc mounted centrifugal spreader

  • Precise spread patterns at working widths up to 36 m
  • Hopper capacities from 1400 L to 4200 L
  • PTO and hydraulic drive models available
  • Limiter V+ border spreading attachment for left or right
  • ISOBUS compatible control unit

Twin disc mounted centrifugal spreader

  • Precise spread patterns even at working widths of up to 54 m
  • Hopper volumes from 1400 L to 4200 L
  • Monitoring and control of the application rate via the weighing system
  • Soft Ballistic System Pro for gentle handling of the fertiliser
  • GPS switch technology for part width sections, up to 132 sections

Trailed bulk spreader

AMAZONE's comprehensive range of ZG-B bulk fertiliser spreaders represents a high output range of machines for the efficient and ecological application of mineral fertilisers and earth moist fertilisers.

  • Working width up to 36 m
  • Hopper capacity of 5500 L or 8200 L
  • Fertiliser metering via conveyor belt
  • Convenient operation and control of all hydraulic functions via the AMATRON 3
  • Different variants ensure there is a model for every application

Trailed spreader

The AMAZONE ZG-TS is a high-capacity large area spreader for the quick and precise application of minderal fertilisers, ideal for large farms, contractors and where overlapping is a consideration.

  • Working width up to 54 m
  • Hopper capacity of 5500 L or 8200 L
  • New high performance TS spreading system
  • ISOBUS ensures maximum precision accuracy and minimal waste
  • Wpork rates which allow outputs of up to 650kg/min

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